How are Telematics involved in fleet management?

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Published: 13 December 2022
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How are Telematics involved in fleet management?

Telematics are a method to monitor vehicles, equipment, and other assets by using GPS technology and on-board diagnostics. A vast amount of data can be collected and analysed with a telematics device, which can improve the efficiency and productivity of a fleet.

A small device, called a black box, is used to collect data from the vehicle or asset. The black box also contains a sim card and small modem, which allows any information collected to be sent to the cloud, which is then brought into the fleet management software.

Any type or size of business using vehicles or assets can benefit from using telematics. The devices can capture key information such as location, fuel consumption, engine health, speeding, idling time, harsh acceleration or braking, vehicle faults, seat belt use, battery voltage, irratic driving and more. Telematics allow each operator to collect and store information that can be later reviewed and analysed to give in-depth insights across the entire fleet.

How are Telematics involved

The benefits of telematics include:

  • Providing operators with real-time vehicle location updates so they can improve customer service, identify the safest and most efficient routes to improve time management, road safety and reduce fuel expenses
  • Reducing the possibility of collisions by providing information about the driver’s behaviour
  • Reducing fuel consumption by tracking idling and harsh acceleration
  • Improving vehicle maintenance repair costs and downtime by providing remote diagnostics and predicting defects
  • Automating compliance by electronically logging hours and vehicle inspections
  • Reducing carbon emissions and therefore environmental impact
  • Integrating with other fleet management software systems to streamline fleet operations

Having partnered with LEVL Telematics, Truckfile’s suite of web-based fleet and workshop management packages can now be integrated with Geotab’s open Application Programming Interfaces (API’s). Geotab is an award-winning telematics solution which helps provide improved visibility into vehicle movements and driver efficiency. Truckfile customers who utilise the Geotab solution supplied by LEVL can benefit from streamlined, data-given insights to help optimise productivity, scheduling, and compliance with regulatory changes.

Truckfile’s fleet and workshop management software has a range of features to help manage your business seamlessly. Whether you own a fleet, a workshop, or both, or you are a manufacturer or driver, our software is constantly being improved and updated with added functionality to make your life easier.

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