Truckfile, a pioneering product of Magic Internet Technologies, is a company based in Redditch, Worcestershire, with a mission that took root in late 2005. The goal was to create a cutting-edge, user-friendly fleet and workshop management system tailored for the commercial vehicle and transport sectors.

Since the introduction of their Electronic Inspection System, Truckfile has been dedicated to working closely with clients across the UK and Europe. We’ve strived to develop a comprehensive and market-leading package of solutions that address the diverse needs of both fleet operators and workshops in the industry.

Simplifying Vehicle Maintenance, Compliance and Workshop Management

Since 2006, Truckfile has been at the forefront of securely managing essential maintenance and compliance documentation for commercial vehicles. As the industry’s leading scheduling and document management system, with over 200,000 registered vehicles, three million scheduled events, and 7500 documents uploaded every week, we’ve empowered more than 38,000 users to maintain and ensure compliance for their UK HGV & PSV fleets.

Our user-friendly internet-based system eliminates the need for dedicated desktop computers or costly data servers. With 24/7 access using just an email address and password, our clients benefit from a constantly evolving system built on customer feedback and 100% security.

Truckfile is adaptable to operators of all sizes, from small and medium, to large fleets of heavy and light commercial trucks, trailers, vans and other assets, as well as independent and franchised workshops. We’ve earned the trust of numerous large fleets, who rely on our system extensively to store all compliance-related documentation.

Efficiency doesn’t stop at vehicle maintenance and compliance; Truckfile also offers comprehensive workshop management capabilities. Our innovative system ensures that any job in the workshop can be completed using handheld devices or touch screen terminals, tailored to your business requirements. Information is seamlessly integrated into Truckfile, allowing personnel to access and manage data effortlessly.

By streamlining maintenance cycles, efficiently scheduling tasks, managing compliance, and optimizing workshop operations, Truckfile significantly reduces administrative burdens while boosting overall efficiency. Say goodbye to misplaced or lost paperwork—our system creates and controls information flow securely, ensuring a permanent record for compliance.

Truckfile Earned Recognition (ER) takes compliance a step further, providing fleet operators access to comprehensive and secure information needed for compliance. Stored on a secure system with access only for authorised users, Truckfile ER ensures your dashboard displays real-time compliance information, making you an exemplar operator.

We remain committed to staying ahead of the curve, continually updating our solution to incorporate cutting-edge technologies like predictive maintenance and voice-controlled inspections.

Join the growing community of vehicle operators and workshops benefiting from Truckfile’s user-friendly, secure, and efficient maintenance, compliance, and workshop management system. Discover the ease of a paperless solution that enhances your operations while ensuring compliance at every turn.

Fleet and workshop management software specialists

Magic internet technologies was born
December 2005

Paul Clarke formed the company with the idea of creating a program to digitise the compliance inspection forms used when running a fleet of trucks. Initially labelled as the Truckfile Electronic Inspection System, as the platform evolved to include more modules. The ‘EIS’ was dropped and the platform became known as just Truckfile


new Sales and marketing manager appointed
February 2006

With 12 years experience in Link and ADP DMS systems as well as 40 years experience in the automotive industry, Paul Whittingham joined the team initially as the sales and marketing manager.

Role out of the first product
June 2006

The team moved into a business hub in Port Talbot to support the role out of the first Windows® based Truckfile product.

new operations director appointed
August 2011

Still continuing to drive Truckfile’s market-leading package of solutions forwards, Paul Whittingham was promoted to Operations Director.

new marketing manager appointed
january 2017

Amy Watts joined the team to manage the CV Show stand build and later became the marketing manager.  With a background in graphic design, marketing and events, Amy worked to reshape the look and feel of the Truckfile brand.

CV Show

new branding launched at cv show
april 2017

New Truckfile branding featuring colourful sub-brands to explain the different elements of the Truckfile system was launched at the CV Show in April 2017.  Following on, the new branding would feature on the website and other Truckfile marketing.

Truckfile Voice

Truckfile ‘voice’ creation begins
February 2019

The exciting new feature of the workshop module first started development in 2019 with a live demo of the new product featured at the CV Show in April that year.

Geotab telematics

New partnership with Levl Telematics
September 2020

Truckfile and LEVL formed a strategic partnership allowing Truckfile customers who utilise the Geotab solution to benefit from streamlined, data-driven insights.  This helps to optimise productivity, scheduling and compliance with regulatory changes.

Truckfile Voice with Dakota

new partnership with Dakota integrated solutions
JUNE 2021

Truckfile has teamed up with Dakota Integrated Solutions, a leading provider of Honeywell voice-directed solutions that are purpose-built for the maintenance and inspection marketplace.  This feature enables companies to run a better and more compliant business with Voice.

Truckfile Exhibitions

Continued presence at exhibitions
2022 & 2023

The Truckfile team continued their presence at the industry events and exhibitions including a stand and the new Road Transport Expo in 2023. Watch out for us at future events to see what new technology we’re offering and how we can help you streamline your fleet and workshop management.

TF Winners

Truckfile and Dakota Integrated Solutions win at Supply Chain Excellence Awards
November 2023

Truckfile and Dakota won the ‘Fleet Innovation of the Year’ Category at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2023.

Now in its 27 th year, the Supply Chain Excellence Awards were launched as an initiative to recognise and reward organisations around the world that demonstrate excellence in their supply chain operations.

This recognition for both Dakota and Truckfile comes as a result of the successful implementation of a voice-directed maintenance and inspection solution at Boston-based Mercedes-Benz franchise Intercounty Truck and Van. Find out more in our news section.

Truckfile provides the information you need, securely, accurately and all in one place. Ideal for the management of maintenance for all types of commercial vehicles. Verified for Earned Recognition, providing a comprehensive and secure suite of information needed for the DVSA compliance scheme.  To find out more or book a free demo, please contact us.