Fleet Management

No matter the size of your fleet or the type of vehicles you manage, our fleet management software offers comprehensive control and efficiency.

Truckfile’s fleet management system, accredited by the DVSA for Earned Recognition, provides secure online access to historical data and upcoming inspections throughout the entire lifecycle of your commercial vehicles. Our system allows you to set up notifications for scheduled events, flags, and overdue tasks, ensuring that you never overlook critical tasks or deadlines. Moreover, it incorporates a built-in cost center, enabling you to effectively monitor and manage expenses within your budget constraints.

For seamless visibility and advanced functionality, our partner Levl Telematics can facilitate integrating our software with Geotab’s open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This integration offers additional insights and capabilities, further enhancing your fleet management capabilities.

With our fleet management software, you can streamline your operations, maintain compliance with DVSA standards, and ensure the smooth functioning of your entire fleet, regardless of its size or the types of vehicles you oversee. Stay in control, save time, and optimise your resources with our trusted fleet management solution.

'DVSA Earned Recognition; approved IT supplier' for commercial vehicles.
Truckfile Fleet Management



Create cost centres for commercial vehicles, assets, warranties and employees to ensure you stay on top of your expenses against budget


Complete fleet overview and existing information from your fleet can also be scanned and uploaded to ensure you have a total vehicle history


Compliance information is automatically collated and displayed in a series of easy to understand charts to ensure you’re always compliant


Become an Exemplary Operator within the DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme

DVSA Earned Recognition; Approved IT supplier


An optional, additional module monitoring commercial vehicles in real-time and allowing remote visibility into advanced engine diagnostics


A simple overview of everything due and scheduled for the week, the traffic light system quickly highlights outstanding jobs

& Alerts

Set up notifications of scheduled events, flags, overdue tasks and notes of works to be completed to ensure you never miss a beat


Use instant messaging to contact colleagues regardless of their location.  You can also send picture and video files to report defects


Create work requests for vehicles and send to the workshop (internal or external), for the work to be scheduled and completed


Check a driver licence and have any future changes of information, such as points incurred, automatically reported back to you

In Pilot


Satisfy your Earned Recognition requirements seamlessly by allowing remote workshops to complete allocated jobs

In Development

Availability display

Visual display of future asset availability, allowing you to plan your fleet schedule and review downtime to maximise capacity

Additional Features


Amend the display you see on the home screen to allow you to prioritise what’s most important for your business


Create and set different permissions for staff members, allowing you to be in complete control 


All customer and supplier details are stored in a central directory to save you time when filling in documentation

Don't see quite what you're looking for?

We are able to supply a completely bespoke package, so please get in touch for more information if your individual requirements aren't covered by one of our existing modules


Accredited for DVSA Earned Recognition, our HGV fleet management software gives complete control with everything at your fingertips


Manage the flow of a job in real-time through your workshop seamlessly using our web-based, paperless, touch screen technology


Our simple to use, DVSA compliant, driver check app uses QR codes at key inspection points to help you spot defects early on


Keep all your customer information in one place simply and efficiently using the templates provided for any vehicle or asset type

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An essential tool for the maintenance and compliance of all commercial vehicles

We know the industry inside and out and have designed Truckfile with all types of manufacturers, workshops, fleet operators and drivers in mind.  Our fleet and workshop management systems are simple to use, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Earned Recognition

Cost Centre

Asset Management

Integrated Telematics

License Check

(coming soon)

Vehicle Availability Display

Bespoke Dashboard

Notifications and Alerts

Instant Messaging

Order Management

Staff Permissions

Company Directory

Week Outlook

Complete History

Proof of Compliance

Voice Management

(coming soon)

Technician's App

Integrated Invoicing

Parts Management

Workshop Control

Bespoke Dashboard

Workshop Capacity Display

Defect Reporting

Pre-defined Defects

Bespoke Checks

Driver App

Roadside Documents

Key Inspection Points

Fleet management 

Workshop Management

Fleet & Workshop Management

Driver safety Check

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Quotation Marks

The Truckfile team were with us as we 'went live'. It all went incredibly smoothly and already I can’t imagine ever being without it.

– Jeff Pryce, ABE Transport

Using the app is simpler for the drivers - the fact that photos and videos can be uploaded, and viewed remotely, is another key benefit.

– Lee Thompson-Halls, Wren Kitchens

Truckfile continues to be much more than a tool to help us keep our ER status. It’s now an indispensable aid in keeping our fleet operation running smoothly.

– Paul Gibbard, CRS Building Supplies

We wanted to keep on top of the ever-increasing requirements for compliance, and reduce time and hassle spent on administration. Truckfile has proved to be a winner on both counts.

– Tony Little, Grist Environmental

Overall the installation of Truckfile into our workshop and fleet has been a real breath of fresh air and is helping the whole operation to run much more smoothly.

– Chris Thompson, James Shaw & Son

We operate 10 busy workshops. This means I really need a simple way of keeping track on what’s happening at all our sites – Truckfile gives me that overview.

– Andy Passco, Mercedes-Benz Dealer Rygor Commercials

Before Truckfile our record-keeping was all paper-based. The change is like night and day - I can click a mouse and see every piece of information for any vehicle.

– Lee Troddyn, Collard Group

Our Technicians now use hand-held tablets to record each stage of a job, and can also use the same equipment to take and attach photographs.

– Paul McCord, Rockmount Vehicle Maintenance