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Published: 24 November 2022
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Truckfile Driver First Use Check

The driver safety check, ‘first use’ check, or driver walk-around check is the first point of detecting any defects before you start your journey. A driver check includes showing digital proof that your vehicles have been checked and are fully legal and DVSA compliant. They are to be performed every day and are a legal requirement. As well as helping detect any defects early, this first check can help reduce your maintenance costs and vehicle downtime because the problems can be dealt with in a timely manner before they are made worse. Any defects you find should be reported immediately to your relevant manager.

A driver safety check is bespoke to each vehicle and any specialised assets you have. To demonstrate your business compliance, you must make sure you document and provide proof that your vehicle has been checked and is fully legal each day. You may need to perform more frequent checks if you operate a heavy-duty vehicle which, due to their complexity, have a higher risk of developing mechanical faults. For example, it is essential for commercial trucks who drive hundreds of miles a day, several days a week to be in good repair and that their breaks, engines and other components work properly.

Driver first use check

Fleet managers also need to ensure employees are eligible to drive, making sure they adhere to the best industry standards and stay on top of legal obligations. Every driver needs to have their license checked and complete either a traditional paper-based mandate, or opt for the e-signature consent to providing the fleet manager with a full audit trail of checks.

Truckfile hosts a range of features to streamline your duties as an operator. Our DVSA compliant driver app, Driver Safety Check, will make your daily pre-use checks quick and efficient. QR codes can be applied at key inspection points to use with the app, ensuring you inspect the critical zones for compliance. You can easily report defects, selecting from a list of pre-defined defects then adding further text, photos and videos which become part of the report. Workshops are automatically notified of the need for any defect rectification which saves valuable admin time. Key documents and 7 days of pre-use checks can be accessed via the app, to help speed up roadside checks.
Find out how to complete your daily driver walk around check here.

The Truckfile app provides proof that your vehicles have been checked and are fully legal. Providing you with a complete history of each pre-use checks for the lifetime of the vehicle, including any defects and alerts, helps reduce vehicle downtime if you get pulled over or must report any information back to the fleet manager. The Truckfile Driver Safety Check has an easy to use interface and will help every driver and fleet operator have a streamlined, stress-free, and supported process.

Click here to find out more about our Truckfile app features.

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