The DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme

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Published: 10 November 2022

The DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme

In 2018, the Drivers and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) launched its ‘Earned Recognition’ scheme for heavy good vehicles and public service vehicle operators. This is an important measure as it allows fleet operators to prove they have met driver and vehicle standards. For this scheme, operators need to regularly share performance information with the DVSA and, in return, vehicles will be less likely to be pulled over. The strategy is voluntary and is designed to help fleet operators of all sizes.

The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme was introduced because roadside checks were costing operators both time and money, with the safe and responsible operators were being targeted unnecessarily. Since the scheme started, the DVSA can complete more targeted and less disruptive roadside checks, which in turn has helped to stop dangerous operators and drivers putting others at risk.

The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme will reduce the inconvenience and disruption caused by DVSA inspections and roadside checks, which will save you time and money. The scheme is designed to work for both goods vehicles and public service vehicle operators, whether you handle a lorry, tractor, van or other sort of vehicle.

DVSA Earned Recognition Approved IT supplier

To join the scheme, you will need to pass an Earned Recognition audit and use software which can store and report all your vehicle maintenance records, drivers’ hours and other important documents on a regular basis. This system will monitor whether you’re meeting a set of key performance indicators and report to DVSA every four weeks whether you’ve missed any of the KPI’s by a set amount. This regular check will help you maintain your compliance status and the DVSA will be on hand to help fix any of your issues and keep your operators working to an exemplary standard. The Earned Recognition standard is not difficult to achieve if you are compliant with current legislation.

The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme has a few notable benefits, for example:

  • The DVSA will be kept up to date with your compliance status, reducing roadside stops and premises visits, and in turn reducing costs
  • Being an exemplary operator will make it easier to secure contracts
  • You are able to carry the DVSA marque and are recognised on the website
  • You will have access to a dedicated support team

Truckfile can provide your business with the tools to become an exemplary operator within the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme.

Our software can collate all of the information required to satisfy the present regulatory needs, including the five maintenance aspects that the need to be digitally reported. Truckfile is simple-to-use and secure, enabling you to see the progress of your compliance throughout the month and easily be altered to and resolve any issues.

Click here to find out how Truckfile can help you become an exemplary operator.

For operators who also have their own workshop, Truckfile’s Workshop Management software links seamlessly with our Fleet Management software, to make meeting compliance goals even easier. Manage the workflow of any job with live status updates of progress throughout the process.

For operators who either don’t have their own workshop, or have a small number of specialist vehicles which need to be sent out to a remote workshop that doesn’t use Truckfile, our Workshop Web software enables third parties to complete an electronic form without the need for any rekeying. Schedules are automatically satisfied, and job sheets are submitted electronically, as needed for the Earned Recognition Scheme compliance reports.

To find out more about the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme, visit the Gov website here

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