Reporting haulier non-compliance

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Published: 18 October 2023
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Reporting operator non-compliance requires huge culture shift

In a resounding call to action, senior road transport officials have urged members of the Road Haulage Association (RHA) to play an active role in addressing operator non-compliance, emphasising the importance of accountability within the industry.

Loveday Ryder, the Chief Executive of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), stressed the agency’s commitment to fostering stronger bonds with hauliers. She implored them to report any suspicions of non-compliance among their peers, marking a pivotal shift in the industry’s culture. She pointed out that the goal is to make non-compliance as socially unacceptable as drink driving, underlining the seriousness of the issue.

Hauliers urged to report operator non-compliance
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Richard Turfitt, a Senior Traffic Commissioner and Traffic Commissioner for the East of England, echoed these sentiments. He reminded RHA members that both they and regulatory bodies like his own are bound by the law, and effective action can only be taken when evidence is available. Cooperation from industry insiders is vital for instigating investigations and taking measures against non-compliant operators.

Turfit emphasised the direct impact of such information-sharing in removing substandard and undercutting operators from the system through public inquiries. He expressed his reliance on the diligence and responsibility of operators, urging them to actively support his efforts to ensure compliance within the industry.

By promoting a culture of responsibility and collaboration, these officials are working hand in hand with the RHA members to create a safer, more compliant road transport environment. Reporting non-compliance not only upholds the integrity of the industry but also helps protect the well-being of all road users. Together, they can strive for a transportation sector where adherence to regulations and best practices is the norm, rather than the exception.

Written by Tim Wallace for Motor Transport © 11 October 2023.

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