Road to Earned Recognition launched

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Published: 4 July 2023
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Road to Earned Recognition launched for new operators

DVSA has opened a Road to Earned Recognition (ER) trial. It aims to support PSV and HGV operators that have been issued with an O-Licence within the previous six months by giving them support and guidance in meeting ER standards.

Full ER membership is open only to operators that have held an O-Licence for at least two years. Under Road to Earned Recognition, participants will be helped to “build best practice and good compliance in their business so that they can confidently apply for ER status in the future,” DVSA says.

Road to Earned Recognition

Establishment of the trial strengthens the Agency’s “commitment to ensuring that there is a level playing field when operators are competing for business,” DVSA continues. Several PSV operators have previously commented positively on ER membership.

Under the up to two-year Road to Earned Recognition programme the Agency will work with participants, including via a structured learning programme and one-to-one contact, although guidance notes published by DVSA on 14 June note that the approach might change during the trial.

Road to Earned Recognition is open to eligible businesses of any size and it has no joining or subscription fees. At the end of the programme an Earned Recognition audit can be arranged, and if it is passed, an application can be submitted for full membership.

Eligibility for Road to Earned Recognition requires the operator to have had its first full O-Licence granted within the previous six months. Excluded are organisations that have held another licence in a different traffic area for more than that time, or if the type of O-Licence has been changed but the original was granted over six months before.

DVSA also requires that holders of standard O-Licences applying have appointed a Transport Manager. Restricted licences must have another responsible person named. There are also stipulations around having attended a new operator seminar and for no action other than a formal warning having been taken by a Traffic Commissioner.

Speaking about the development, DVSA Head of Enforcement Relationship Management Laura Great-Rex says that the trial is “a great way” for new operators to work with the Agency and receive guidance on compliance.

“We want to encourage social responsibility and we will help new operators to develop processes to keep their vehicles and drivers safe,” Ms Great-Rex adds. “By joining, new operators will carry out best practice from the start.”

Written by Tim Deakin for Route One Magazine © 14th June, 2023.

Photo credit: Dusan Jelicic on Adobe Stock

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