Wren Kitchens ensures faster fault-fixing

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Published: 22 May 2023
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Wren Kitchens relies on Truckfile data to ensure faster fault-fixing

Wren Kitchens saw a massive increase in defect reporting – and a corresponding improvement in the speed of fault rectification – as a result of using the Truckfile Driver App.

Wren Kitchens, based in Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire, has been using Truckfile since 2021. Latest figures show that following an initial leap in recording efficiency, gains have continued to rack up.

More defects are being reported and more of the faults identified are being fixed faster than ever before, confirmed National Fleet Manager Lee Thompson-Halls, who is responsible for a fleet of 351 trucks and 144 trailers nationwide.

Wren Kitchens uses Truckfile Driver App
Wren Kitchens drivers use the Truckfile Driver App to complete their daily checks

“The figures speak for themselves,” he said. “In 2021, for the first two weeks of March we had 17 defects reported. By 2022, with our drivers using Truckfile, we had 360 issues identified in the same period. This year the corresponding time window has seen more than 700 deficiencies flagged up.

“To be clear, that’s not because more is going wrong with our vehicles. It’s because Truckfile has helped us tighten the net so that flaws are not slipping through unnoticed.”

Truckfile’s Driver App is not only helping to bring more problems to light, though – it’s also drastically reducing the time taken to take remedial action.

“Last year 56% of faults identified were rectified during the same working day, and 82% inside 24 hours,” said Mr Thompson-Halls. “This year those figures rose to 66% and 94%, respectively. Crucially, addressing these potential problems sooner translates into a noticeable reduction in downtime.”

The change is attributed to Wren’s use of Truckfile for daily driver checks, backed by training to help staff understand how the system works and the benefits it can offer. Drivers now use the app, on their smartphones or a tablet device, to complete their ‘walk-around’ each morning. Any faults can be logged quickly and easily, backed up with photographs or even video.

Truckfile Driver App on a phone

Simplifying the task of fleet management

“Using the app is simpler for the drivers and means there are no paper forms to get lost,” continued Mr Thompson-Halls. “There’s a benefit in terms of fleet management too. The system makes it very easy to confirm that all drivers have completed their checks, and also records the time spent and location, so we know they’ve taken at least the stipulated 12 minutes to go through the process and done so before leaving the yard. Meanwhile, any entries they make into the system are available immediately, so I know without delay if any action needs to be taken.

“The fact that photos and videos can be uploaded, and viewed remotely, is another key benefit. It means, for example, that a fault can be correctly identified while a driver is out, and if a part is required it can be picked, and be ready and waiting to be fitted as soon as the truck arrives at the depot. We can also see which parts are being used more frequently, which helps to improve our imprest stock.”

A market leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and supply of luxurious yet affordable fitted kitchens, Wren Kitchens is proud to own its entire supply chain, from initial customer consultation to delivery.

Articulated units transport large consignments, including heavy granite worktops from its manufacturing site in Barton-upon-Humber to a network of six depots nationwide. Rigid trucks undertake deliveries of kitchens to customers’ homes –99.94% of consignments arrive on time and in full.

Wren Kitchens runs a diverse fleet including some vehicles with unusual configurations. Many of its demountable box-bodied 7.5-tonne rigids pull drawbar trailers which carry a second box, while 18-tonne ‘triple trunkers’ carry one box on their short chassis and a further two on a tandem-axle drawbar.

Several brands are represented in the line-up, with some vehicles maintained within franchised dealer networks and others looked after by independent suppliers, while minor running repairs are handled in-house.

“Some of these maintenance providers use Truckfile themselves – which makes document recording and retrieval extremely quick and simple,” said Mr Thompson-Halls. “Others don’t, but we find it very easy to input the required data. Each of our depots has a designated ‘Fleet Champion’, who knows exactly what we need to record and the easiest ways to do so.

“Truckfile helps to keep our fleet running smoothly and efficiently, and gives me full visibility of a wide range of parameters at the touch of a button. It also played a major role in helping us to achieve Earned Recognition status – which we attained within three months of installing the system.

“The software is very adaptable. We’ve tailored our package exactly to our needs, for example including checks on our demount boxes. Support from the Truckfile team has been comprehensive, and the system has become a very important tool to help keep our operation successful.”

Wren Kitchens is the UK’s largest manufacturer and retailer of kitchens and stone worktops.

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