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Published: 17 May 2023
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Enhancing Road Safety: Euro NCAP’s New Truck Safety Initiative

In a significant move towards bolstering road safety across Europe, the European New Car Assessment Programme, Euro NCAP, is expanding its purview beyond cars and vans to include a critical segment of the transportation industry – heavy trucks. The newly introduced ‘Truck Safe’ rating scheme is poised to revolutionise the freight industry by providing essential safety insights into heavy truck fleets.

Truck safety matters

Heavy trucks, while constituting just 1.5% of the vehicles on Europe’s roads, are responsible for a staggering 15% of all road-related fatalities within the European Union. Euro NCAP recognises the urgency of addressing this alarming statistic, and ‘Truck Safe’ aims to be a game-changer in this endeavor.

Euro NCAP's New Truck Safety Initiative'
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Advanced driver assistance technologies

Euro NCAP’s track record in promoting road safety through the incorporation of advanced driver assistance technologies in European cars has led to a remarkable 40% reduction in certain types of accidents. However, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) are conspicuously absent from this safety technology revolution, resulting in a disproportionate number of casualties when accidents involve these mammoth trucks.

Making safety profitable

Recognising the need for a paradigm shift, Euro NCAP underscores the importance of creating a market where safety isn’t just a moral concern but also the most financially rewarding choice. This approach necessitates collaboration with various stakeholders, such as national, regional, and local initiatives. By aligning with local access restrictions, freight best practices, public procurement contracting, and insurers, Euro NCAP aims to foster a climate of safety-conscious decision-making within the trucking industry.

In conclusion, Euro NCAP’s foray into assessing lorry safety with the ‘Truck Safe’ rating scheme marks a pivotal moment in enhancing road safety. By promoting the adoption of advanced safety technologies and incentivising safety-conscious choices, Euro NCAP is dedicated to reducing accidents and fatalities involving heavy trucks, ultimately making European roads safer for all.

Adapted from an article written by Pölös Zsófia for trans.INFO © 5th April 2023.

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