Contact DVSA over trailer brake test error

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Published: 31 August 2022
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Operators urged to contact DVSA over trailer brake test error

Hauliers who believe their trailers failed their test incorrectly are being encouraged to contact the DVSA after an error was spotted by the enforcement agency.

It said some trailers fitted with Knorr Bremse Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) may have been incorrectly tested for service efficiency during the roller brake test part of the annual test.

A DVSA spokeswoman said: “This is likely to have only affected a small number of trailers which had a brake test between 1 May and 30 June 2022.

“Any trailers tested before 1 May 2022 and after 30 June 2022 will have been correctly tested.

“Operators can appeal the result if you feel any of your trailers failed the test incorrectly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The DVSA said companies should provide the trailer ID, an image of the EBS data plate showing Knorr Bremse as the manufacturer, an image of the data plate, a copy of the brake test printout and a copy of the failure certificate.

Although the agency said the number of affected trailers was likely to be small, it was unable to provide with a figure: “We do not record the manufacturer of the EBS fitted to a trailer when it is plated, therefore we cannot cross reference a failure with the EBS manufacturer,” it said in a statement.

Asked to provide further information about how the error arose, the DVSA said the incorrect tests followed updates to the HGV inspection manual, as well as an update to the process used to condition the EBS processor in May.

The DVSA said it had worked with Knorr Bremse to correct the error and by 1 July it had returned to the previous method of conditioning trailers equipped with Knorr Bremse and EBS.

It added that all trailers with Knorr Bremse EBS are now being correctly conditioned for the roller brake test.

Knorr Bremse did not respond.

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