Summary of the Changes of How the OCRS System Works

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Published: 21 January 2022
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Summary of the Changes to How the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS System) Works

Changes have come into place regarding how the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS System) works and how vehicle operators should use it going forward.

A summary of some of the changes is here:

  • DVSA carries out desk-based and fleet assessments, which it uses to calculate an operator’s OCRS
  • DVSA earned recognition operators are in the blue band and DVSA examiners do not carry out a full roadside inspection for these operators
  • Operators from Northern Ireland have a reduced report based on data captured at the roadside by DVSA examiners and MOT tests carried out in England, Wales and Scotland
  • OCRS re-scoring process now runs every day
  • Corrected OCRS bands to include scores that were previously missing
  • New guidance for how to appeal or resolve another issue with OCRS
  • Membership and confirmation letters sent to operators when they sign up to the OCRS system because they now get immediate access

Full information on your OCRS and how to register to access your OCRS reports can be found on the Government website.

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