Rockmount aims high with Truckfile

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Published: 3 September 2021

Rockmount aims high with Truckfile fleet management software

Rockmount is part of the Ballyvesey Holdings group, which has interests across a number of sectors with the transport and related industries.

The operation was initially set up as an internal division to provide vehicle and plant maintenance to other group businesses, including the extensive truck and trailer fleet of Montgomery Distribution. Now it offers the same services to a range of external customers, including several big-name operators in the haulage and public transport sectors.

Rockmount Vehicle Maintenance

Industry – commercial vehicle maintenance

Sector – independent workshop providing repair and maintenance to truck, trailer and bus fleets in Northern Ireland

Workshop size – 35,000 square feet, with 23 bays

Operations Director – Paul McCord

Before Truckfile

Without Truckfile, Rockmount was not equipped to help its biggest customer, Montgomery Distribution, in a successful application to join the Driver and Vehicle Services Agency’s Earned Recognition scheme.

After Truckfile

Having helped Montgomery attain ER status, Rockmount quickly found the Truckfile’s Workshop Management and Technician Application functions invaluable in helping the smooth, efficient everyday running of the busy workshop.

Rockmount Vehicle Maintenance
Photo: Rockmount Vehicle Maintenance ©

Paul McCord of Rockmount said: “Back in 2017, Montgomery told us they wanted to join the Earned Recognition scheme, so we knew we’d need a digital recording system to make that work. We actually tried another package from a different supplier but it was complicated and difficult to use, and caused more problems than it solved. By contrast Truckfile was so simple to understand, very intuitive and user-friendly.

Our Technicians took to the system very quickly – they now use hand-held tablets to record each stage of a job, and can also use the same equipment to take and attach photographs if necessary. The information they update is then saved automatically, and filed securely in the correct place. The process makes the crucial the task of ensuring compliance for us and our customers very straightforward.

Meanwhile for me, the Workshop Management feature is a great aid. It gives me a comprehensive picture of what’s going on across the whole company. I can keep tabs on every job going through the workshop and find any specific detail on any particular vehicle quickly and easily, without having to leave my desk. All the information our customers need for their own records is securely stored and made easily accessible for them, which allows us to help them operate at maximum efficiency.

Choosing Truckfile made obvious sense for us, because there are many synergies – the system is used by the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Dealer Network in the UK, and the agent in Northern Ireland is also part of the Ballyvesey group. Likewise, most of Montgomery Distribution’s fleet is made up of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, so for us to use the same system helps keep everything compatible. To be honest, though, I would choose Truckfile regardless. From what I’ve seen it’s simply the best, most effective, easiest to use and most flexible digital management option available. It also comes with excellent, ongoing customer service from the manufacturer’s team.

Truckfile has really helped us to improve our own day-to-day management, and to offer the best possible service to our customers.”

Rockmount Vehicle Maintenance

Find out more about our Workshop Management package and joining the DVSA’s Earned Recognition scheme, or contact us for a free demo.

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