Truckfile partner with UK provider Geotab Telematics

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Published: 7 December 2020
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Truckfile strategic partnership with UK provider Geotab Telematics

Geotab telematicsTwo of Britain’s leading providers of transportation technology have joined forces to help provide transport operators with increased support and efficiency.  Through this strategic partnership between Truckfile and LEVL, Truckfile’s suite of web-based fleet and workshop management packages can now be integrated with Geotab open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

With over 20 years of experience in helping businesses to better manage their fleets, Geotab’s award-winning telematics solution helps provide improved visibility into vehicle movements and driver efficiency. Through this new integration with Geotab’s open APIs, Truckfile customers who utilise the Geotab solution supplied by LEVL can benefit from streamlined, data-driven insights to help optimise productivity, scheduling and compliance with regulatory changes.

The synergy between Truckfile and LEVL’s products means the new partnership is a natural ‘fit’. As well as providing tangible gains for those already using either or both solutions, the link-up provides expanded opportunities for growth in sales to new customers.

Truckfile’s innovative and user-friendly systems are designed to help transport operators and workshops keep comprehensive records of all vehicles. Information is recorded and filed electronically – which means that unlike sheets of paper, the reports are available at the touch of a button and are less likely to be mislaid or suffer damage over time. Truckfile’s software is constantly being developed and improved, with the latest enhancements including a voice recognition capability which allows technicians to update maintenance records simply by speaking into a headset microphone as they carry out inspections.

As well as making it simpler to ensure compliance with regulatory changes, Truckfile also helps to increase visibility into vehicle costs by allowing all spending associated with any vehicle to be viewed and analysed quickly and easily.

Paul Whittingham, Operations Director at Truckfile says: “We have over 24,000 users and in excess of 200,000 vehicles on the Truckfile system, which we believe to be best-in-class. Integrating our product with Geotab’s open platform means we maintain that standard by providing access to one of the world’s most advanced telematics solutions. Working with LEVL will provide an opportunity for our customers to access specialist industry expertise.”

LEVL is the leading UK provider of the Geotab telematics solution, which is utilised by over 40,000 customers in more than 130 countries around the world. The Geotab solution not only monitors vehicles in real time but also allows fleet managers to have remote visibility into advanced engine diagnostics, fuel consumption data, AdBlue levels and more. The system provides accident detection, impact reporting, and driver reports including gamification options. Geotab also provides world-leading telematics solutions for the adoption and optimisation of electric vehicles.

Andrew Pearce, Sales & Marketing Director at LEVL, adds: “We’re really happy to be working with Truckfile to provide an integrated solution that will help businesses better manage fleet compliance. We hope to quickly illustrate the unique benefits and proven return on investment that Geotab and LEVL can bring to Truckfile’s customers and the general market.”

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